Take-off: Junger Tanz

Partnering schools open doors to the dance world.

In schools, take-off: Junger Tanz Düsseldorf opens a door onto the world: Here, every participating pupil discovers their own capacities with the means of the art of dance. Collaborating with dance educators, dancers and choreographers, the pupils learn about different dance styles and work methods. This seeks to foster an intellectual as well as physical debate on the performances experienced, because heads hot in thought and aching muscles serve equally well to open new perspectives for all involved.

Dance as a school subject

take-off: Junger Tanz Düsseldorf currently collaborates with 12 partnering Düsseldorf schools. These co-operations are either integrated into the curriculum as weekly school subjects or take place as special extracurricular projects. During the classes, the pupils gain insight into the professional choreographers’ artistic processes, discuss prevailing positions within contemporary dance for a young audience, and develop their very own movement practice. The pupils present the results of this work on tanzhaus nrw’s grand stage during “take-off: show off” at the end of the school year.

Current Co-operations

Gemeinschaftsgrundschule an der Flurstraße

Headmistress: Fr. Lüttmann
Contact teacher: Fr. Lüttmann
Dance educator: Nora Pfahl



Headmaster: Hr. Schreiber
Contact teacher: Fr. Descamps, Fr. Thönes
Dance educator: Annika Wolf, Ivana Kisic


Gemeinschaftshauptschule Bernburger Straße

Headmistress: Fr. Loose
Contact teacher: Fr. Schmidt
Dance educator: Salvatore Romano


Katholische Hauptschule Itterstraße

Headmaster: Hr. Wiehn
Contact teacher: Fr. Weiler
Dance educator: Salvatore Romano



Headmistress: Fr. Günther
Contact teacher: Fr. Uzarewicz, Fr. Rösler
Dance educator: Ivana Kisic


Katholische Grundschule Unter den Eichen

Headmistress: Frau Maas
Contact teacher: Fr. Fabricius-Schmidt
Dance educator: Nora Pfahl



(Focal point of support hearing and communication)
Headmaster: Hr. Schmidt
Contact teacher: Frau Indenklef, Frau Vogelgesang
Dance educator: Dodzi Dougban


Day care of LVR-Gerricus-Schule

(Focal point of support hearing and communication)
Headmaster: Hr. Schmidt
Contact teacher day care: Fr. Müllers, Fr. Bieschin
Dance educator: Andreas Simon


Montessori-Grundschule am Farnweg

Headmistress: Fr. Kayser
Contact teacher: Fr. Stolba-Bohm
Dance educator: Nora Pfahl


LVR Schule am Volksgarten

(Focal point of support physical and motoric development) 
Headmaster: Hr. Rösch
Contact teacher: Fr. Jeske
Dance educator: Paolo Fossa



(Focal point of support mental development)
Headmaster: Hr. Isenberg
Contact teacher: Fr. Vormbrock
Dance educator: Paolo Fossa



Headmistress: Frau Dr. Zeoli
Contact teacher: Hannes Stork
Dance educator: Bouni, Sonja Reischl, Elisa Marschall