Take-off: Junger Tanz

The festival of the four networking partners explores topics that move the young audience.

The festival, regularly organised since 2006 by the four Düsseldorf networking partners, poses current questions to our society and to the role of the (dancing) body by means of artistic and theoretical positioning. Young people explore the topics that move them in performances, exchange formats and workshops, together with artists, educators and scientists. This process is also accessible inter-regionally, as a workshop format for an expert audience. The festival has thematic focuses and titles since 2016.

Festival 2023
upside down (AT)
17. – 26.11.2023

Festival 2020
any body out there?
23.02. – 02.03.2021

Festival 2018
You’re invited if that’s ok?
23.02. – 09.03.2018

Festival 2017
You’re a cyborg but that’s ok #2
01. – 10.03.2017

Festival 2016
You’re a cyborg but that’s ok
17. – 30.01.2016