Take-off: Junger Tanz

The take-off: Junger Tanz Düsseldorf production network is unique in Germany.

Among the local cultural institutions are tanzhaus nrw, FFT Düsseldorf, Junges Schauspiel Düsseldorf and Tonhalle Düsseldorf. Together with Düsseldorf schools, freelance artists as well as the constant support provided by the State of North Rhine-Westphalia and the City of Düsseldorf, they enable agency for dance aimed at and with children and youths. This exchange takes place in the development of dance performances for a young audience as well as in artistic collaborations with children and youths directly on stage.

take-off: Junger Tanz Düsseldorf annually supports many co-productions, proprietary productions (with, among other things, young performers), and it invites guest performances. The performances produced during take-off: Junger Tanz Düsseldorf tour and have regularly been receiving invitations to regional, national and international festivals.

The festival, as hosted by the networking partners, also acts as a workshop meeting point for an audience of experts during which topical questions pertaining to our society and to the role of the (dancing) body are posed and situated by means of artistic and theoretical positions.

Networking partners and contact details

tanzhaus nrw

tanzhaus nrw is an international centre for contemporary dance. It is positioned as a unique centre of excellence for both dance for as well as with young people.

Contact person: Rut Profe-Bracht

FFT Düsseldorf

The FFT (Forum Freies Theater) is an international production venue that presents theatre, dance and performance alongside formats that are on the fringes of transition between the arts. It operates interdisciplinary with the Junges FFT and connects the arts, research and education for a young audience as well.

Contact person: Irina Bârcă

Junges Schauspiel Düsseldorf

Junges Schauspiel Düsseldorf is an independent division of the Düsseldorf Schauspielhaus, D’haus in short, and stands as an internationally connected venue with a tight intercultural foundation as a writers’ and premiere theatre featuring a proprietary ensemble, and – in conjunction with the Bürgerbühne – a comprehensive participatory programme that includes, for example, Café Eden.

Contact person: Kirstin Hess

Tonhalle Düsseldorf

The Tonhalle Düsseldorf is a concert venue that maintains its own orchestra, which offers varying programmatic emphases in different series aimed at a young audience.

Contact person: Katrin Sedlbauer